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After we gather all the information we will report back on how the property benefits from the natural resources we have identified and how the existing land features could form the structure for a world class golf course. As part of a workshop session and based on information gathered, the Signature Design team will listen and record your program information, goals, and objectives with your key consultants. This will allow us to quantify the golf course, golf practice facilities, clubhouse, maintenance, residential components and natural buffer areas and will start the process of identifying an overall design theme, style and concept for the golf course.
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"Golf Course Design has no Boundaries"

Site Review and property analysis is one of the most important parts of the design process. Using the available information, supplemented with on-site observations, we will analyze the significant characteristics of the property. Each property contains information that identifies its characteristics and design strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, we will investigate the opportunities and constraints inherent in the following features:

Soils: From available soil conservation data we will map the implications of soil conditions upon development.

Vegetation: Based on field visits and aerial photography we will verify and map significant vegetation to understand the extent and environmental sensitivity of various habitats on the site.

Topography: We will analyze all issues that will influence the potential locations and alignments of building, roads, utilities, parking lots, etc. It is our understanding that a topographic survey of the property is going to be completed and this information will be available at no charge to our team.

Water Resource: We will map characteristics of surface drainage patterns and floodway zones. Routing of drainage will be studied; on-site retention needs for storm water and water quality will be assessed.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas: All sensitive areas will be studied and notes made as to vegetation, wildlife habitat, water quality protection, storm water management, and aesthetic values. All sensitive areas will protected and enhanced as part of the golf course design process.

As we explore the property we will analyze the soils types and structures, local vegetation, trees, shrubs and we will begin to determine the most efficient turfgrass which fits the climate and location. We will also study the weather patterns, review and research annual rain fall, the high and low temperature ranges, and explore the resources available on the property.

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Site Review and Property Analysis

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