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“Golf is supposed to be fun.
That’s why its called a game."

Mark O'Meara




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"Golf Course Design has no Boundaries"


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Mark O’Meara has won an impressive 16 PGA Tour Victories and 14 other events, including The Masters, British Open, World Match Play Championship and World Cup (with teammate, Tiger Woods). He is only one of a few players to have won on every continent that golf is played.

Mark has also won the United States Amateur Championship, represented the United States in every major international team competition (including the Ryder Cup, Dunhill Cup and President’s Cup) and been named Player of the Year by the PGA Tour and PGA of America.It was on the course that Mark fell in love with the game of golf. So it should come as no surprise that his prolific and accomplished PGA Tour career has brought him full circle, back to the course itself. Having played the world over,

Mark has been inspired by such a multitude of courses and varied settings. Mark now aspires to bring his playing experiences and knowledge of the game and courses he has played to a select few clients who want to create great golf courses that will stand the test of time.

Career Highlights

Masters Champion 1998
British Open Champion
World Match Play Champion
United States Amateur Champion

30 professional tournaments Victory’s World Wide Respect the Player It’s one of Mark’s favorite quotes and it goes a long way in explaining his philosophy when it comes to designing a golf course. He designs for all ages, all skill sets, and all levels of passion, which is why playability is a top priority. An O’Meara course is difficult enough to challenge the expert yet always welcoming for the less experienced player. Mark’s design focus respects every golfer who cares enough to show up to the tee.

Respect the Land Golf course design can be complex, and Mark’s designs always aim to create compatibility with the natural surroundings. Important environmental issues such as wetlands, wildlife, ecology, and archeology are all taken into account. He has an eye for using the natural setting to create built-in challenges wherever possible, and a history of creating stunning courses that highlight surrounding natural beauty. Mark holds a healthy respect for nature, and his philosophy is to always try to do what’s best for both the course and the environment. His designs are not afraid to alter the environment, but the goal is to disturb only what is necessary to create the best course possible.

Respect the Client Building a trusting and open relationship with business partners is a top priority for Mark and his team. So count on him to be personally involved with the process. Hardworking, genuine and dedicated, Mark pours his knowledge, experience and passion into the courses he creates. But creating the course is only the beginning of the relationship. As the designer, Mark considers it a part of his job to be an ambassador to every course he creates and is, as a result, exceedingly generous with his time when it comes to events and publicity calls.

Respect the Game With designs that strive to ensure the game is always enjoyable and the building process always collaborative, O’Meara Design is making its mark on the game of golf. All the passion the golf course brought to life in Mark as a player is now being amplified in him as a designer. His ultimate respect for the game and everyone who plays it is at the heart of each design. And with every job he takes, Mark discovers that still, after all these years, the golf course remains his favorite teacher.

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Mark O'Meara - PGA Tour Design Consultant