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Carefully applying your project goals and objectives to the Planning and Design process, the Signature Design team shall identify up to three alternative conceptual golf course routings for the developable portions of the site. The plan alternatives will explore various golf course routings, practice facilities, natural features, player circulation patterns and rain shelters. The intent of these conceptual alternatives is to explore several reasonable, but distinct options, and to compare their relative merit. Each alternative will illustrate a design concept that demonstrates functional organization, challenging playability, and environmental integrity.
During this phase we will also provide the client with a variety of challenge and strategy options that will affect the playability of the golf course. For instance the placement of tees, bunkers and water features will influence how each golfer will approach his or her shot making selection. It is during this phase that we stress the need for each conceptual design to preserve the “fun” of the game, by insuring that each design accommodates all skill levels.


"Golf Course Design has no Boundaries"

Golf Course Planning and Design is where we develop the routing, strategy and theme of the golf course.

This is the creative area of the Golf Course Planning and Design process and where we determine how to use the land and its natural features to enhance the character and personality of the property. During the Golf Course Planning and Design phase we will develop several conceptual routings with strategy and challenge that achieve our stated goals, objectives and overall design theme.

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Golf Course Planning and Design

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