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During the Golf Course design phase we develop the working drawings and technical specifications that mold, shape and create the style and character of the golf course as well as creatively develop the look and feel which in the end resembles the design theme and accomplishes the stated goals and objectives that will make your golf course recognizable around the world.

In this phase we align the tees, greens and bunkers with the axis of the initial routing complimenting strategy. We study the terrain and enhance its unique personality, blending our creative design to reflect the overall design theme, style and character of the project. We develop the golf course design plans by hand in the beginning and later scan each hole to convert them into the latest CADD software (currently CADD 2008). Once in CADD we share our work with your engineers to calculate and adjust drainage criteria to balance the property and check to make sure it adheres to all governmental rules and regulations.

We take great care in developing the golf course construction plans which allow us to estimate construction quantities. The quantities allow us to develop construction budgets which define the overall cost of the project. These drawings and specifications shall cover every detail of the golf course and the related facilities. These drawings and specifications shall include but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Golf Course Master Plan - to illustrate the location of each golf hole and to highlight any significant and strategic golf course features.
  • Staking/Clearing Plan - to establish the general location of each golf hole and to identify the significant course features and areas that require clearing and grubbing.
  • Earthwork Plan - to identify areas of cut and fill, topsoil and general earthwork.
  • Detailed working drawings for all aspects of the fairway and rough contouring.
  • Drainage Plan – to identify areas in need of sub-surface drainage and locate and size the necessary drain pipe.
  • Green Details - detailed grading of all putting surfaces and adjacent areas.
  • Bunker Details - detailed grading of all bunkers and adjacent areas. • Water Feature Details (if applicable) - detailed drawings of all water features in need of engineering or bulk heading, including the need for bridgework.
  • Grassing Plans – to identify and delineate the grassing boundaries of each golf hole./Golf Course Irrigation
  • Plans – detailed plans for the golf course piping, wiring and head layout. Technical specifications and bid documents and installation cost estimate.
  • Cart Path Plan - location and size of all cart paths. Miscellaneous Construction
  • Details - indicate graphically how the work is to be performed in terms of material and size.

Miscellaneous Construction Details - indicate graphically how the work is to be performed in terms of material and size.



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