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We are ambassadors of the game of golf and welcome every opportunity regardless of the geographical location

“The chief object of every golf course architect worth his salt is to imitate the beauties of nature

(and presumably also the hazards)

so closely as to make his work indistinguishable from nature itself.”


Alister MacKenzie

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"Golf Course Design has no Boundaries"

Signature Design Services is a professional organization engaged in the design and master planning of golf courses and golf practice facilities. The principals of the firm have over 70 years of "combined" experience and nearly 200 golf courses to their credit. The firm is a Florida Corporation and is a member of the United States Golf Association, Golf Course Builders Association of America, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and the National Golf Foundation and is listed with the National Golf Foundations Golf Course Architects registry.

Principals; Harry Bowers, Andrew Johnston and Mark Hardy approach each project with a fresh and enthusiastic style that puts a major emphasis on individual client attention, while remaining sensitive to the characteristics of the land and mindful of the challenges of the game of golf. We believe in the philosophy set forth by golf architecture greats Alister Mackenzie and H. S. Colt, that truly great golf courses are equally pleasurable to the high handicap player as to the very accomplished player. They have both been recognized by numerous trade magazines for their creative design accomplishments and many of their golf course designs have won awards from prestigious magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, Golf World, Golf Connoisseur, Michigan Golfer, Florida Golfer and Travel and Leisure. Both Harry and Mark believe that each golf course project is unique and pride themselves on working with the client and site in developing golf courses that stand the test of time.

We adhere to a simple design process our first task is to meet with the clients and define their goals and objectives. We believe that the golf course design should reflect both the characteristics of the land and the goals of the client. After establishing clear and concise "client" goals and objectives we then thoroughly review the site and identify its positive and negative characteristics. We do not begin our conceptual design phase until both of these tasks are clearly identified and accomplished. Harry, Andy and Mark create each design with a passion for beauty and playability. We believe that each and every design should stir the senses of the player and challenge his or her athletic ability. The golf course should afford the golfer an opportunity to bond with Mother Nature, to experience the grass, flowers, trees, wildlife and water and at the same time give the golfer an opportunity to feel the exhilaration that comes from great athletic performance


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